If you appreciate what we do, COIN A PHRASE!!!

You guys have been amazing and huge support for us. You are our first port of call when it comes to submitting any new sites.
Good luck and keep up the good work that you already do.

By : Monograph (August)

It was great to post our work on Web Guru Awards. It was not only about winning.
We have a healthy competition between each other and can provide better products day by day.
Everyone want to win and providing better projects day by day.
Our effort is being awarded. It was great.
Definitely it was special to win this award with Web Guru Awards.

By : Vaunts Design Studio

We're a creative agency, designing and developing lot of websites, but only few people gets to know about them.
Web Guru Awards is the platform to reach the crowd universally and to flaunt our work and also to get inspirations from other websites for our next projects.
We're really grateful for being nominated by Web Guru Awards.

By : Design Kolor

Being a Web Designer and Developer, I always wanted my work to be recognized in a well-manner on a platform by showcasing them infront of the entire world and WEB GURU AWARDS has given me the opportunity to get it done.
Thank You so much!

By : Depain Khatrrii


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